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Knowing How Electrolysis Hair Removal Works Means Safety!

It seems that wanting to get rid of unsightly hair becomes an obsession in our youth for women. The use of electrolysis hair removal is a legitimate approach with many using it to get rid of hair on armpits, legs and the bikini line during the summer becomes a concern too.

These areas are most common concern areas of course, but there are other parts of the body that are of a concern. With the new age, many men are looking to remove unsightly hair from the back and chest predominantly along with other areas on their body.

Having smooth and supple looking and feeling skin is the ultimate goal for both men and women. To get a good understanding of how electrolysis hair removal is able to permanently remove hair, one needs to have good grounding the cycle of growth for hair.

Knowing this will help you win the battle of permanently removing hair from your body or at least reducing the maintenance you?ll need to do to keep it off. Each hair on a person?s body has its own individual and unique growth cycle.

There are 3 distinct growth cycles in each of the hairs. The first phase of growth is called the Anagen phase and this when the hair is actually growing.

This phase can last anywhere from two to six years. It is important to note that that 80-85% of your hairs will be somewhere within this phase at any given time.

The Anagen stage is followed by the Catagen stage and is referred to as the transitional stage. The Categen stage last for a one to two week timeframe.

The lower part of the hair basically disintegrates during this phase resulting in only about a sixth of the hair that was originally there. The resting phase is the final phase and is called the Telogen stage.

This stage has a 5-6 week timeframe. At any point in time, about 10% to 15% of the body hair is in this stage.

The cycle is repeating, so the hair goes back into the Anagen stage after the Telogen phase is completed. It is key to know that the best performance of electrolysis is during the Anagen phase of this continuous hair growing cycle.

The use of electrolysis hair removal has been around for a while. The process involves the insertion of a small electric needle into the hair follicle, then using a small electrical charge to the actual root of the hair follicle.

It destroys the root of the hair rendering unable to grow again. The process of electrolysis must be done to each individual hair, so it can be a bit time consuming, but it is a way to permanently remove hair over time.

Due to the growth cycles of each hair, the approximately time frame it takes to completely remove all hair is around 12 months or a little more. To speed the process, you can shave a few days prior to applying since it forces the hair into a more vigorous growing cycle.

Hyper or hypo pigmentation are some of the potential negative side effects one could experience as well as there is a potential for infection and a bit of pain in the application area. Finding quality practitioners can be challenging because formal licensing and certification is not required to operate electrolysis equipment.

Purchasing a device for use at home is now realistic with the new safety and leading edge technology that is built in for ease of use.


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