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Cosmetic Dentist in Hartford Maintains Two Convenient Office Locations

With two office locations, Dr. Robert Katz, cosmetic dentist in Hartford and East Hartford, CT, is able to provide his patients with the best dental care possible. The availability of two offices-East Hartford and Hartford-patients are able to visit the office that is most convenient to their location.

Dr. Robert Katz, Hartford cosmetic dentist, invites his patients to visit Burnside Dental Care in East Hartford, or Farmington Avenue Dental Care in Hartford for increased convenience and care. Each location strives to deliver quality dental care to informed patients in the Hartford and East Hartford, CT areas. With two offices, patients can visit the location that is closest for them. Each office offers general and cosmetic dental care, including Hartford dental implants and Invisalign, among others.

"As a dental practice, it is our goal to provide each of our patients with the best dental care possible and our two locations allow us to do just that. Conveniently located in East Hartford and Hartford, CT, our patients have easy access to the best dental care in the surrounding areas. I look forward to serving my patients at either location for their next appointment," said Dr. Robert Katz, dentist in Hartford, CT.

Each office offers an array of services and convenient hours to ensure patients receive the dental care they need and deserve. Both Drs. Robert Katz and Elzbieta Wallace, dentists in East Hartford, CT, understand that patients have many choices when it comes to choosing a dentist in the area. For that reason, they are pleased to offer two convenient office locations for their patients in the Hartford and East Hartford areas.

"It is important that our offices are located in areas that are easily accessible and close to the majority of our patients. With our two locations we can do just that. We look forward to treating each of our patients at one of our two prime locations and hope they enjoy the convenience and benefits as much as we do," said Dr. Katz, dentist in Hartford.

Additionally, Drs. Katz and Wallace invite their patients to take advantage of the newly developed social network for improved communication and interaction. The social network is available for patients to interact with other patients, or with Drs. Katz and Wallace, and their team of dental professionals. Patients can visit the available social network at any time of the day to leave a comment, question or to view what other patients are saying about Burnside Dental Care and Farmington Avenue Dental Care.

Dr. Robert Katz, Hartford dentist, and his team of dental professionals at Burnside Dental Care and Farmington Avenue Dental Care stay ahead of the latest technologies and communication trends to deliver the most cutting edge dental health care in both of his office locations-Hartford and East Hartford, CT. With two office locations, Dr. Katz brings increased patient convenience and care to his practice.

About Burnside Dental Care: Dr. Robert Katz works alongside Drs. Elzbieta Wallace, DMD and Alison Hadden, DMD to bring quality dental care to the East Hartford, CT community. Performing all phases of dentistry, Dr. Katz and Associates provide care for their patients including dental implants, veneers and Invisalign. Burnside Dental Care has been in practice since 1988, while Farmington Avenue Dental Care has been in practice since 2000. With two locations, Dr. Katz and his dental team can provide quality dental health care for patients in more areas of Connecticut.

Media Contact:
Dr. Robert Katz, DMD
270 Burnside Ave.
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 289-9559


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