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The Help That An Infertility Doctor Can Offer

For some women who have focused on their education and careers for several years, and are now in their mid to upper thirties, they may wonder if it was a mistake to wait so long. Then again, they read about and hear of, or even know, other women even older who successfully conceive and deliver a healthy baby nine months later. For the younger woman trying to get pregnant, it's also frustrating to get those negative results month after month. In these cases it may be best to seek the professional and more specialized help of an infertility doctor Chicago.

These are specialists who have the training necessary to diagnose and treat infertility problems in men and women. Problems can occur for many reasons. For women under age 35 who have not been able to get pregnant after a year of trying, or, if over 35, in six months time, such a doctor is recommended.

What makes such doctors able to help over and above a regular gynecologist when you can't conceive? They have specialized training, that takes an additional couple of years, in reproductive endocrinology A board certified infertility doctor focuses only on such cases, rather than a host of all gynecological problems and women's health issues.

Both men and women can have problems related to a woman's inability to conceive. Risk factors attributed to women might include fluctuations in weight, stress, or previous gynecological problems such as a blocked fallopian tube or scar tissue. For men, it could be related to kidney disease, environmental factors, or any number of things. Both can also experience hormonal imbalances.

Doctors will perform specialized tests to determine the causes of not conceiving. After a check up, initial testing on men begins with semen and hormonal tests, and with women, ovulation testing is done. Once the problems have been diagnosed, the treatment can then begin.

Many women who once might have turned to adoption or remained childless now have a greater chance to make that special announcement to family and friends. Treatment may seem long and endless, but that end result makes it all worth it. So if you are considering scheduling an appointment with an infertility doctor chicago may be one of the best places to go.


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