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Relaxation Massage A Misunderstood Health Treatment

It has been proven statistically that 90 percent of deaths occur in the world due to stress. Bringing down your stress levels as a preventative measure is understood by some to provide them with longevity but unfortunately by others, this idea has not taken on because of the lack of thought it has been given. Relaxation massage is a preventative treatment and should be explored as a means to better health rather than being left cornered as a mere luxury for some.

Excuses or justifications for not having stress relieving treatments do range from religious reasons, time and money factors. By taking a position of not exploring the possibility of how treatments can benefit one in the long run can be likened to not going to another Doctor for a second opinion.

Taking a deeper look at these reasons and giving them some thought will allude to the fact that these objections are irrational and not valid. Most people during their lifetime will go and visit a Doctor for whatever the reason may be. Most women during their lifetime will make use of a gynecologist. Having massage treatments is really no different than visiting any of the latter taking into account that it is for health reasons.

More often than not we treat our bodies like motor car engines. If something goes wrong we take them into the medical clinic, get them checked out and buy goods such as medicines so that we can get back onto the road of life and proceed in making a living in the shortest possible time possible. Some Doctors themselves will profess to the fact that stress is the main cause of illness and that prevention is better than cure.

Developing influenza for example is usually accountable for a depletion of the immune system. It may also be caused by a fast paced lifestyle and bad eating habits. The body can handle so much and when it becomes overloaded, will usually breakdown and take on ailments sending signals to the person that it is time to take a rest and reassess their physical condition.

Dr. Oz which is a television show on health has stated emphatically on live television that the main cause of health related conditions is due to stress. He mentions in one of the programs that regular massage treatments is a definite means to prevent the onset of illness. One of his top four combatants against stress is the use of lavender oil used widely by therapists when giving treatments.

Relaxation massage does more for one than mere pill popping. Pill popping addresses the immediate problem but does not prevent the long term problem as long as you carry on with your medication. Medication on one hand does offer respite although by paying attention to your body and giving it the relief it needs on a weekly basis will prolong its ability to stay healthy and functional in the long run.


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