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The Power Of The Aura

The aura is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. Awareness of the human energy field has grown and people are eager to learn more about this subtle realm. The aura tells us we are so much more than just a physical body. It shows that there is marvelous spiritual activity going on within and without. We can learn to work with the aura and realize its power and potential.

We can start to learn to work with the aura and realize its power and potential. Our aura is made of non secular energy which is the universal power behind the entire process of creation. Religious energy is the Divine Light that propels the life force of The Lord God to manifest the multitudinous dimensions and material worlds. It's the passage of consciousness. Cosmic energy in all of its spectral colours is imbued with the divine features of God and this is what gives the light its power.

We are able to work with religious energy in any side of our aura and consciousness. By targeting the light into our religious energy centres ( chakras ) we build power. As the light flows from its astronomical source into the aura, it generates the non secular power important to create whatever we are targeting our attention on. As an example, if we require more profusion in life, then we'd ask for the turquoise ray; for larger determination, the gold ray; for harmony, the emerald green ray.

Then we visualise the exact light we are asking for entering thru the crown chakra and accelerating each one of the religious centres as it flows down the backbone. The key to boosting the aura is that our thoughts, words and deeds work like a magnet. The energies we have in our aura field draw towards them more of the same vibration.

If we are thinking loving thoughts, we draw to ourselves a deep rose pink light, which stays in our aura. This pulls loving folk and eventualities to us that improve our life experience, which in its turn inspires us to be more loving. If we are customarily envious, these incessant thoughts make a vibration in our aura field, captivating circumstances that trigger envy.

If we are habitually jealous, these repetitive thoughts create a vibration in our aura field, attracting situations that trigger envy. This will continue until we learn to overcome this tendency by beautifying our aura. Our energy field viscerally shows that we are empowered children of the Divine and how the thoughts we think and the choices we make really do create our lives. We receive light with every uplifting thought, word and deed.

We are getting light with each inspiring thought word and deed. Each positive effort, however little, recognised or unrecognized, provides larger inner and outer strength. The more light we are getting, the brighter our aura becomes and the higher in consciousness we climb. Non secular light helps change by giving each soul the power to step into a bigger perception of its divine potential and the one Source of all life.


By: Max Health

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