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The Merits Of Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha yoga poses are generally referred to as asanas. These are body postures performed with deep breaths for healing and facilitation of the general body physique. The postures restore the skeletal body structure as well as increasing the body stamina. The following is a description and advantages of some of the asanas.

At the top of the list is downward facing dog pose or Adho mukha svanasans as the Indians refer to the pose. One has to assume the posture of a dog. The pose ensures that the spine is lengthened and straightened as well.

Next is the standing bow pose. As the name suggest, one has to assume the pose of a bow while standing and allow side to side body movements. This posture works miracles in straightening the lower spine.

For chest related complications, pranayama or standing deep breath is the right pose. It relieves one of such conditions as bronchitis, shortness of breath and emphysema. All one has to do is stand straight, hold the head firmly with both hands and a repetitive deep breaths.

Half moon pose is another important pose for straightening the spine and legs. One has to assume the posture of a half a moon. This is simply curving the body towards the knees and simultaneously touching the toes with both hands. This is all done while sitting down and legs all being straight.

The eagle pose opens the close to fourteen skeletal systems of the body. The Pose improves flexibilities of the hips, knees, spine, tendon of the legs and many other skeletal systems. The posture helps in efficient blood circulation in the sexual organs which in turn increase sexual vitality.

Tuladandasana or the balancing stick is another powerful pose. It requires one to stand on a single leg while stretching both the hands and the other legs in opposite directions. Efficient blood circulation is enhanced all through the body thanks to this pose.

Finally is the locust pose yoga style. This is one of the many hatha yoga poses performed while lying on the ground. It involves lying on the ground straight and raising both the legs at about forty degrees to straighten the spinal cord.


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