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Benefits of Exercise and Healthy Diet - the Aging Population and Wellbeing

As the UK population continues to age, it's becoming more and more important to ensure that we do all we can to ensure our healthy life expectancy is maximised. At the moment there are around 10 million people in the UK who are over the age of 65. And with the number of over 65s predicted to double by the year 2050, healthy living is likely to play an increasingly big part in all of our lives as we get older.

The risk of various conditions increases with age, so it's always good to be aware of the symptoms of conditions that could affect you, and to check with your doctor if you have any concerns. And it's also important to have your blood pressure checked - over half of the people in the UK with high blood pressure are over 60. High blood pressure (hypertension) can raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes - so it's worth getting your blood pressure measured by your GP. And if you're found to be suffering from hypertension you will be able to follow the recommended lifestyle measures for people with the condition.

As we get older, staying active and exercising continue to bring health benefits - and not only does exercise raise fitness levels, it's also believed to have benefits in improving mood, as well as reducing the risk of a number of health problems including heart disease and stroke. Moderate exercise, combined with a healthy diet, are vital in maintaining good health in later life.

Studies have shown that the over 65 age group are the least active - with too few people getting the right amount of physical exercise. But the evidence is there to suggest that physical activity and healthy eating bring wellbeing benefits no matter what life stage we are currently at.

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