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TBI in Children

Every year, traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in hundreds of thousands of trips to the emergency room for children infants up to 14-years-old. Of these, over 30,000 result in hospitalization, and nearly 3000 result in death.

TBI is not an injury a child is born with, but is sustained when the head is hit with an object or when a child is shaken violently. However, acts of violence are not the only cause of TBI in children. Many children sustain TBI in car accidents or accidents at school, during sporting events, or even while playing at neighborhood parks and pools.

The Consequences of TBI in Children

The consequences of TBI will vary from child to child and depend on how the brain injury was sustained and the extent of damage done. Common consequences of TBI in children include:

- Loss of speaking, hearing, or vision abilities
- Muscle spasticity
- Partial or full paralysis
- Memory difficulties
- Difficulties reading and writing
- General loss of cognitive abilities
- Extreme mood swings
- Anxiety or depression

TBI will result in modifications at home, at school, and in social situations. These modifications may be temporary but are often permanent. TBI is not always something a child can recover from.

You Need an Attorney

If your child has suffered TBI in an accident, you will be facing a potential life-long emotional and financial struggle. The medical expenses for treating and rehabilitating children with TBI are astronomical. So too are the modifications made at home, special schooling, and additional professional assistance a child will require while dealing with TBI.

A TBI attorney will be able to assess the full financial damages of your child's brain injury and seek maximum compensation for your family. Only with the help of a lawyer can you be sure your family is provided the compensation necessary to help your child live the best life possible and recover to the best of his or her abilities.

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