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Dentist in Bolingbrook Shares Important Dental Tips for the Holiday Season

While December is known for its sweet treats and tempting goodies, Dr. Rani Seeth, dentist in Bolingbrook, urges her patients to take extra care of their teeth to avoid cavities in January. With the help of Dr. Seeth, patients can take proper care of their smile this holiday season.

Naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar from various sugary foods and drinks that patients consume, which then creates acid as a by-product. These acids then wear down tooth enamel, which makes it weaker and more susceptible to tooth decay as well as a host of other problems, including gingivitis.

If patients find themselves snacking on sweets throughout the day, or any extended period of time, Dr. Seeth, dentist providing oral surgery in Bolingbrook, informs them that it can be especially harmful to their teeth because damaging acids form in the mouth every time you eat a sugary snack. As the sugar remains on the teeth for at least 20 minutes afterwards, damage begins to develop. While patients might have quite the sweet tooth this holiday, Dr. Seeth, dentist offering school checkups in Bolingbrook, urges her patients to brush and floss after snacks to reduce bacteria, or simply rinse their mouth with water.

"We all enjoy the holidays because we get to spend extra time with our families and eat food we may not normally eat. However, the abundance of sweet foods and drinks can cause complications for our teeth, which is why it is even more important to properly care for our teeth this holiday season," said Dr. Rani Seeth, Bolingbrook oral surgery dentist.

During the holidays, the best way to avoid tooth decay while still enjoying the many indulgences the holidays provide is to practice good oral hygiene. When eating sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods as part of a balanced meal it is better than eating them alone. A person's body produces more saliva to help digest larger meals, which washes away more food and helps neutralize harmful acids before they can attack teeth. Dr. Seeth, Bolingbrook school checkups dentist, informs her patients that if they are going to eat sugars, try to pair them with a well-balanced larger meal instead.

Additionally, foods that take a long time to chew can also damage teeth. This is because sticky foods, even nutritious foods like raisins, dates and dried fruit, hold acid against teeth longer than other foods do. When possible, try to limit your consumption of these foods. If patients consume high-acid food or drinks, they should also rinse with water before brushing their teeth to prevent tooth erosion from the acids.

To maintain a healthy smile throughout the holidays, patients are encouraged to schedule a cleaning with Dr. Rani Seeth, Bolingbrook orthodontics dentist, to start the New Year out right.

About Bolingbrook Dental Care: Bolingbrook Dental Care is located in Bolingbrook, IL and offers an array of dental services in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Drs. Seeth, Huff and Raina are experienced dentists in Bolingbrook, IL, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of accreditation and pursuing ongoing education to stay ahead of the latest trends in dental care and dental technology. Additionally, each dental assistant is fully trained and certified to perform coronal polishing and sealants. Services include but are not limited to, dentures, bonding, crowns, implants, veneers, sealants, teeth whitening and school checkups. For more information, patients can visit the practice's website or check out the practice on Facebook.

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