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Stealth Adapted Virus Infections and Criminal Behavior

The repeated occurrence of bizarre criminal behaviors is consistent with an epidemic of psychiatric illnesses caused by brain-damaging stealth adapted viruses. It is urgent that Public Health officials address this crucial issue.

Tragic events, such as the mindless shooting in Newtown, reflect the failure of psychiatry to effectively prevent and treat mental illnesses. Psychiatrists are unaware that the brain can be damaged by stealth adapted viruses, which are essentially not recognized by the cellular immune system. Public Health authorities have resisted open discussion of stealth adaptation largely because some stealth adapted viruses unequivocally arose from contaminated vaccines. The lack of an accompanying inflammatory response and the molecular diversity of stealth adapted viruses have also limited interest in the pursuit of these viruses by the medical and scientific communities.

Infections with stealth adapted viruses can lead to marked behavioral changes and commonly cause mental illnesses.

Infections transmitted from pregnant mothers to developing offspring explain the increasing prevalence of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Infections transmitted among adults can also lead to a variety of dysfunctional brain illnesses, including the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Stealth adapted viruses can be readily cultured from infected individuals and identified by a characteristic foamy, vacuolated cytopathic (cell damaging) effect.

Fortunately, the body can use an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway to defend against both stealth adapted and conventional viruses and to repair the cell damage caused by viruses. The ACE pathway is distinct from cellular energy derived from the metabolism of foods and involves the capturing of external energies through a biophysical process. Relatively simple, fluorescence-based methods have been developed for monitoring and enhancing the ACE pathway and validated in the prevention and therapy of oral and genital herpes virus infections. Limited studies in autistic children and in CFS patients have also yielded highly encouraging results.

Given the enormity of the problem of mental and other brain damaging illnesses, Public Health authorities have a responsibility to quickly learn more about stealth adapted viruses and therapeutic options. The authorities should certainly revamp the various advisory committees on mental illnesses, autism, CFS, etc., to include discussions on stealth adapted viruses and on the ACE pathway. Public health laboratories ought to be engaged in the culturing and further characterization of stealth adapted viruses, including those originating from African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV). Lawyers could also usefully explore the issue of stealth adapted virus infection as a mitigating factor in criminal behavior. The inadvertent spreading of infections as a consequence of incarceration needs to be addressed.

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