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Chiropractic and Posture

Chiropractors know that posture plays an important part in whether or not a person suffers from debilitating pain. If the correct posture is not present, then the strongest bones, muscles and ligaments of the body are not able to support the weight. Rather, the hard and soft tissues and other weaker ligaments have the job of support, and this causes a great deal of strain on them.

In many cases when this strain is constant the bones develop osteophyte formations to cope, particularly when the spine is in an abnormal posture. It is essential to maintain a correct posture with the head carried directly above the spine. If it falls forward its weight is doubled by every inch it is out of alignment, causing a much greater weight to be placed on the spinal cord.

People who live sedentary lives sitting at a desk for much of the day should ensure that they sit upright rather than slouching forward. Melbourne chiropractic colleges train their students to be aware of poor posture in their patients. If you have constant pain anywhere in the body, going to a Melbourne chiropractor may make a great deal of difference.

Your condition will be assessed to see if poor posture could be part of the problem. Very often people suffer with bad backs, sore necks or shoulder pain for years without seeking any help but that of painkillers. Knee and ankle pain can also be caused by walking and standing with incorrect posture. Many other problems could very well stem from poor posture but with some good advice and exercises given by a Melbourne chiropractor pain may certainly be improved or even cured completely.

Once the correct muscles and ligaments are brought up to strength with exercise the person is more likely to feel comfortable standing or sitting with correct posture, hence the effort to attain good posture will be a great deal easier.


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