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Quaaludes Makes A Comeback

There was a time when Quaaludes were considered to be as severe as problem here in the United States as cocaine and heroin. Quaalude is the brand name for the hypnotic drug and sedative methaqualone. Much akin to how Motrin is tantamount with Ibuprofen, the popularity of Quaalude soared after it was initially marketed as a barbiturate substitute in the early 1960s.

Although they are synthetic depressants like barbiturates, which affect the central nervous system, originally, they were believed to be safe substitutes of barbiturates. However, this proved to be a misconception when it was clear that the possibility of painful withdrawal symptoms and addiction were just as likely with barbiturates as they were with methaqualone.

Originally synthesized in the 1950s in India, Quaaludes didn’t make their way to the United States until a decade later. In India, scientists developed methaqualone as a drug that was anti-malarial. Quaaludes were originally developed to aid sleep and relaxation as a sedative; thus, it too merely a few years for them to become a highly popular recreational drug, namely among college students and teenagers.

The increase of the popularity of Quaaludes as a recreational drug can vastly be ascribed to the regularity with which it was legitimately prescribed to patients. By 1972, these drugs practically spiraled at the top of the charts as among the most prescribed sedatives in America despite tighter regulations in both the United States and Great Britain around dispensing and use. There was a time in the 1970s when Quaaludes were consumed with a large dose of wine, especially with college students. It is said that once you fight off the urge to sleep, you can feel the real effects of the drug.

The number of individuals who need help for addiction to Quaalude has decreased in recent years. It is still a possibility to purchase illegal versions of the drug so individuals still develop addiction to the drug. Much akin to various types of severe drug abuse, these addicts will typically benefit from a type of rehabilitation or support group. Those who have been indulging Quaaludes for a long time are apt to need medical supervision during withdrawals as symptoms can be brutal. Once the addict escapes the abuse, he or she will need to learn how live a life without this type of overindulgence.

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