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Ibd Surgery And Fertility In Women

Pregnancy is not an easy phase for women who suffer from IBD. Apart from grappling with several health complications and gastrointestinal inflammation that most IBD patients suffer from, regaining the overall health and wellness too is indispensable to have a healthy pregnancy. As we are aware of, surgeries for IBD are not recommended during the preliminary phase of treatment. Instead, IBD patients have to adopt an effective medication that helps combat GI inflammation and the debilitating symptoms of the disease. Though the currently used IBD medicines turn out effective in most of the cases, certain patients might not experience the much-needed relief, the reason why they often unwillingly adopt surgery for IBD in order to curb moderate to severe IBD conditions and related complications that are life-threatening in most of the cases. Though IBD medications are mostly maintained during pregnancy, a few of them are avoided to avert the possible side effects. Moreover, the dosages are altered based on the health condition of each patient. Give below are the commonly recommended medicines that help combat inflammatory bowel disease conditions and gastrointestinal inflammation:


Despite being highly effective, in certain conditions, medications fail to help certain patients achieve remission. Hence they are forced to adopt specialized IBD surgical procedures that help curb gastrointestinal inflammation as well as the debilitating symptoms that deteriorate the health and wellness of IBD patients. That said, being a lifelong disease, no surgeries can cure IBD conditions wholly. Inability to grapple with the unbearable signs of inflammatory bowel disease conditions is the key reason why IBD patients have to adopt surgery. Adding to the woes, no widely recommended medications help achieve remission or symptom-free stage to regain health. Thus IBD patients continue to struggle with the uncontrollably deteriorating signs and inflammation. While certain patients can undoubtedly make their choices from the various surgical procedures, surgery turns out to a requisite when symptoms and inflammation deteriorate frenziedly.

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