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Symptoms And Depression Types

Depression is just like a common mental disorder that cause people to experience loss of interest or joy, feeling of guilt, not sleeping well, appetite loss, lose the self concentration.

Depression is a major serious problem, if you not taking any treatment for depression. It may also increase due to the drinking more alcohol. It also collapses the daily life such as in working place, family relationship.

Depression can happen to anyone in this world at any age. Few people experience this depression again and again in their life. Recover from depression takes time from 6 months to 1 year.There is various natural ways to master depression.

Cause of Depression
Depression can happen suddenly as result of family problems, health issue in physical and metal, bereavement, unemployment.
The chronic illness, Pituitary damage are linked to depression. The other disease like heart attack, cancer, erectile dysfunction(Sildenafil citrate 100mg using as remedy for ED), nervous problem and stroke linked to depression.

Symptoms for Depression

There are many symptoms for depression. If you can easily find the symptoms then you can avoid or overcome the depression.
Loss of energy.
Loss the hope or self confidence.
Hard to focus on work.
Avoid the family members and friends.
Sleeping not in good manner with relax and free mind.
Loss of appetite.
Not interest in relationship with your partner.
Physical Pain.
Bad thoughts and decision arise in the mind.

Types of Depression

Mild depression

Mild depression is not make a dangerous effects, it only make limited negative effects at certain time in your life. This depression arise and gone. It can easily overcome in your life.

Major depression

Major depression interferes with your daily life whiling eating, sleeping, playing and other every day activities. Few people experience in few months but in few people life they experience long time. The long time affected in depression person must admit in hospital to take treatment.

Bi polar disorder

Bipolar disorder leads the mood swings in extreme condition. They feel individually very tuff and very hard to manage their activities. Always bad thoughts and bad decision like try to kill themselves (suicide).

Post natal depression

Post natal depression is huge intense and lasts longer to many new mothers experience. It can lead new mother into feelings of inadequate and unable to cope. The new mothers have problem in sleeping, body pain and panic attacks. Sometimes few new mothers have negative feelings with their new born baby.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD is associated with winter season. It starts on winter season and it can over at spring season. It can make feel like anxious, stress and depression. It may also affect your sleeping and eating patterns


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