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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Of the many unique things that humans can do, our brains are perhaps the most unique of it all. Not only have we built civilisation from nothing but dust and rocks, we have cured diseases, built great structures, made a significant impact on the planet and continue to do so, whether positive or negative is another debate entirely.

So here are some tips for you to better take care of your mental health in this day and age where you can't do anything but run after the times.

1. Avoid vices:

Kind of hypocritical coming from me, but the easiest way to take care of your mental health is, sometimes, to not do something at all. Smoking, drinking and even drugs can really disturb your mental health balance, especially if you over do it. As is the case, I would strongly suggest you don't overdo what you want to do with alcohol and smoking, but do recognise that drugs are bad and that you are only setting yourself for a long term addiction before you partake in these activities.

2. Learning how to manage stress:

This is a skill I only picked up recently and will do a full length article on eventually, but learning how to manage stress at work or in college will really help you keep happy and stay mentally fit as the days go by. It is extremely important for you to learn how to manage your stress effectively. I often tell myself that the stress is internal rage boiling over at my apparent lack of finishing my work and that pushes me over and gets the job done.

3. Get plenty of sunlight:

Despite the age of the internet, we are not exactly meant to be nocturnal creatures. Scientists have linked declining mental health to pulling all nighters multiple times and it is now proven without a doubt that we as humans thrive in the sunlight rather than the darkness. The term 'make hay while the sun shines' has a whole new meaning. Of course, to get plenty of sunlight, you will first have to...

4. Get plenty of sleep:

It boggles my mind that I even have to say this. Sleep is the best, guys, sleep is the best thing you can do to yourself, so why are we all depriving ourselves of sleep? If you want to catch plenty of daylight, you will have to sleep on time and wake up early. This will give you a tremendous boost in positivity and make you happier in general. In fact, the only reason I got a lot of work done today is because I woke up on time and early in the morning!

5. Work out:

Doesn't have to be at the gym, but be physically active, something that tires your body and sweats you out. The endorphins that are released with your activity do a fantastic job in keeping you healthy and happy, and you will live a longer healthier life if you stay fit!


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