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A Quick Guide To Manicure And Nail Art

Are you looking to get your nails done in Scottsdale? You don’t have the time to look for a professional at this hour? Want to try something on your own like a quick DIY project? Don’t be in a rush. Just read this post to find some very useful tips on how to get an almost professional grade manicure and decorate your nails at home.

You already know that manicures and pedicures are the easiest ways to pamper yourself. They're typically very affordable unless you choose to go to a very expensive spa attached to a 5 star hotel. It is very quick, highly relaxing and a great way to get trendy and trending!

What Is A Manicure By The Way?
Manicure comprises buffing and shaping of your fingernails. It also entails trimming and removing dead skin and cuticles from your fingers and typically concludes with a fresh coat of nail polish. Your nails will look glossy and sleek by the time the entire procedure is complete. Manicures leave you with softer, cleaner hands and a much healthier skin.

How Long Will Your Manicure Last?
A standard manicure typically lasts anywhere from 3 days to a week and this will largely depend on how well you take care of your hands and the frequency with which you work with them.

And What Is Nail Art?
Nail paints or polishes are a thing of the past. We have moved beyond the slick and shiny paint job that we were used to up until now. Nail art is “in” because it doesn’t just make you look different and let you stand out from the crowd but elevates your style quotient as well.

You will find professionally trained techs across nail places in Scottsdale who are specialized in this type of manicure. They will begin caring for and transforming your fingers keeping in mind the kind of nail art you want for your hands. You can get almost everything painted on your fingernails right from animal prints to delicate flowers and nature scenes and what not! The few very first things that you should try with nail art at home are:

The Simple Stripe Look
Stripes are cool. They add color and character to your fingers. They don’t make a very bold or overly loud statement but are still a great way to begin with nail art at home. You can choose a pair of thin brushes to start with it and then maybe add two or more colors depending upon how stable you get with it over time.

Nail Wraps
Welcome nail wraps or nail stickers into your life. Yes, these are created to give you the look of nail art really quick. These are long lasting, fast, and very easy to apply. You can buy these pliable stickers and stretch them over your nails and they stay on for up to 10 days.

Quit The Nail Paint Completely
There are a lot of options for glitters and shimmery materials that you can apply onto your nails when you get bored of the traditional way of adorning your nails. Many nail places in Scottsdale readily perform these artworks on your fingers when you want that hot and happening look within a few minutes. So, now you have a fun way to create art out of your nails!

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