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5 Foods Women Should Not Consume During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother has to take many precautions. Food and drink have to be given special attention because whatever the mother eats, it directly falls on the child in her womb. In such a situation, we are going to tell you some things that should be avoided at this time. Let us tell about five such things.

Papaya: First of all, papaya is included in this list. This fruit which is always beneficial is considered to be good for health. But according to a healthcare website, eating papaya during pregnancy time increases the chances of miscarriage. Raw or half-cooked papaya has an excess of latex, which damages the womb of the women.

Raw egg: Raw egg contains harmful organisms, E-coli and Salmonella. It can cause intestinal infection in a pregnant woman. Therefore, eating raw eggs during this period should also be avoided.

Chinese Food: Junk foods are not always suitable for health, but if it is during pregnancy, then it becomes more dangerous. The MSG present in it, i.e. monosodium glutamate, which is harmful and can show defects in the child even after birth. The soy sauce present in it contains a high amount of salt, which can cause high blood pressure. Chinese food is extremely dangerous during pregnancy.

More salt: Overeating salt during this period is also dangerous. This increases the risk of heart diseases. However, it not only increases blood pressure in pregnancy but also increase the chances of swelling of face, hands, feet etc. Therefore, it is very important that during pregnancy, such food should be consumed in which the amount of salt is less.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not considered to be right in any situation, but during this period, a drink affects the development of the child. Although alcohol should never be taken, but if you are pregnant, in such a state, it can prove very harmful for you and your child.


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