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7 Best Biceps Workout For Big Biceps |Fitscale FItness|

Most people in the gym like to do biceps and triceps exercises only, most people want to increase their biceps size; they want to look attractive and muscular.
So they go to the gym and work hard, but even after going to the gym, they fail to gain muscle so they Frustrated and quit going to the gym.
Fitness experts and trainer Satyajit Chaurasia say that if you exercise well and follow a clean diet, you can increase your biceps by one and a half inches in 2 months.
Given this, today through this article, we will tell you the right way to apply biceps exercise, the best day to involve training and practice to increase the size. So that's why you read our article thoroughly.

Decide the day for Biceps Workout.

It is often seen that people pay more attention to Biceps Workout; they continue to exercise biceps every day.
But the daily exercise of biceps stops the muscles' growth, due to which the plates lose the strengths, and they do not get results.
People keep asking me which is the best day to exercise biceps to get quick results, and you do not get immediate results on a particular day. It is the result of a long duration that you can achieve by exercising daily.
Biceps are tiny muscles in our body, train it only 1 or 2 times a week. You can apply the exercise of biceps by choosing any day according to you.
Before knowing the exercise of biceps, we understand the anatomy of biceps.

Anatomy Of Biceps

Biceps have two heads -

1- Short Head

2- Long Head

Besides, there is another muscle group - Brachialis.

Short Head: The muscle on our biceps' left side is called the short head.
Long Head: The muscle of our bicep's right side is called the long head.
Brachialis: The brachialis muscle is under our long head and short head, which is the muscle that makes up the Peak of the biceps.

7 Best Biceps Workout

1 – Barbell Curl –

Our first biceps exercise Barbell Curl.
This exercise targets overall biceps. Almost everyone follows this exercise.

How to do:-

First of all, to perform this Biceps Exercise, make the shape of the hand of the shoulder width.
Retract the shoulder backwards.
Maintain a stable body.
Sets -4
Reps 8 - 10

2 – Incline Dumbbell Curl –

Our double biceps exercise is incline dumbbell curl. This exercise hits the Long Head of the Biceps.

How to do:-

To perform this exercise, first, maintain a stable body on the incline bench.
Place the back with the bench.
Do not move the elbow back and forth.
Sets - 3
Reps 8 - 10

3 – Concentration Curl –

Concentration curl is the third exercise for Biceps Workout.
This exercise hits the short head of biceps. Biceps is the most active in this exercise.

How to do:-

Use a bench or stool to do this exercise.
Try to keep the back straight.
Lock the elbow with the squat.
When you lift the dumbbell upwards, turn the wrist slightly, as shown in the image above.
Sets - 3
Reps 6- 8

4 – Reverse Curl –

Our fourth exercise is the reverse curl. This exercise hits the brachialis muscle; doing this exercise makes a good peak of biceps.

How to do:-

To do this exercise, first, maintain a stable body.
Lock the elbow.
Reverse the wrist, perform the exercise.
Sets - 3
Reps 6 - 8

5 – Hammer Curl –

Hammer Curl is our fifth Biceps Exercise. This exercise is considered a perfect activity. Be sure to include this exercise in your workout routine.

How to do:-

Keep the back straight.
Keep your core, i.e. your stomach tight.
When you lift the dumbbell upward, do not push your elbow back and forth.
Sets - 3
Reps 6 - 8

6 - Preacher Curls

The entire biceps are in the position of a relay just by pushing the elbow forward, this trains your long head. Apart from this, there is a brachii muscle train of the Bicep, which later makes a good size. For this, you can use Straight or Zig-Zag Barbell as well. Slowly increase the weight to the best of your ability and exercise with full motion.

How to do :-

You need a preacher bench and a straight bar for this exercise.
Hold the straight bar at close grip
Use the biceps to curl the bar until your biceps reach shoulder height. Squeeze the biceps hard and hold this position for some second.
As you breathe in, slowly lower the bar until your biceps are fully stretched.
Sets - 3
Reps - 10-12

7 - Overhead Cable Curl

It is one of the most difficult exercises, its name is overhead cable curl. It also has your long head train. However, overhead curl is a good exercise for bicep brachii. The Machine is used for this exercise. Heavy weight can affect your shoulder too? Therefore lifting more weight than your capacity can be a danger.

How to do :-

Stand between two overhead pulleys and grasp both stirrups in each hand.
Perform a curl and squeeze your biceps for a second while exhaling.
As you Inhale, Slowly extend your arm back toward the machine but do not lock your elbows.
Sets - 3
Reps - 10 - 12


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