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What Is A Color Doppler Test?

What is a Color Doppler test?
Color Doppler is a non-invasive ultrasound test wherein colours are superimposed on an image of a blood vessel which helps indicate the speed & direction of blood flow in the vessel.

What is a Color Doppler test used for?
The Color Doppler test enables doctors to watch and evaluate blood flow through arteries & veins in different parts of the human body like the abdomen, arms, legs, neck & brain or within internal organs like the liver or kidneys.

In a pregnant woman, this test can be used to assess blood flow in the unborn baby to check the health of the fetus. This is completely safe as Color Doppler is a non-invasive imaging test with zero risk of radiation exposure.

What are the benefits of Color Doppler test?
Following are the major benefits of the Color Doppler test:

Offers a visual overview of blood flow within the vessel or heart
Helps evaluate flow direction & velocity
Assists in the rapid identification of vessels, valves and turbulent flow
What are the uses of Color Doppler test?
Main uses of the Color Doppler test include:

Helps assess blood flow after a stroke or other conditions that cause impaired blood flow
Assists in discovering the presence & amount of arterial plaques and associated turbulent flow
Helps monitor blood flow to key organs like the heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, etc
How to prepare for the Color Doppler test?
Preparation for the Color Doppler test comprises:

In case of an abdominal scan, you may be asked to have a low-fibre diet for a day prior to the test, to ensure minimal gas in the gut
To sum up, the Color Doppler test is a crucial tool for diagnosing conditions and heart problems that reduce or restrict the blood flow in the heart.

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