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Is It Safe To Book A Diagnostic Test Online?

What are Diagnostic Tests?
Tests that are performed to diagnose a health condition or its cause are called diagnostic tests. Sometimes, they are also conducted to identify particular strengths & weaknesses in a person.

Diagnostic tests play a vital role in determining the course of treatment and medication.

What are the types of diagnostic tests?
More than 110 diagnostic tests & procedures are presently conducted worldwide. They involve tests performed on blood, urine, stool, etc.

Is booking an online diagnostic test safe?
The increased proliferation of affordable internet and smartphones in urban as well as rural areas has resulted in a number of things shifting from offline to online, including the booking of diagnostic tests. This has led to the age-old practice of visiting a lab for booking a diagnostic test going out of fashion.

The facility of online booking of diagnostic tests provides a lot of convenience and comfort, with a quick call or filling a simple form on a website now enough to book a test.

Moreover, modern-day pathology labs provide a home collection of samples through trained professionals named phlebotomists, with the subsequent test reports also being sent online.

Here are a few factors that bolster the safety of booking a diagnostic test online:

COVID-19 Safety Measures
Standard Safety Measures
Phlebotomist Training
Careful Handling of the Samples
Pros & Cons of booking a test online and regular testing
Advantages of booking a diagnostic test online:

Lack of travelling and subsequent time & money-saving
Reduced risk of contracting contagious diseases such as Covid-19
Home collection of samples and online reports facilitating convenience & comfort
Disadvantages of booking a diagnostic test online:

Reduced scope of diagnostic tests
Limited to blood, nasal & throat swabs and urine tests
Tests such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI, Sonography, etc. can only be conducted in a diagnostic centre.
Regular health checkups and testing help in the early detection of chronic health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Thus, it helps prevent deterioration of health by assisting in the prevention and early treatment of health issues.

Whether they are booked offline or online, the quality of service of diagnostic tests and their pricing is generally the same. Hence, despite the limitations involving online booking of diagnostic tests, they are a truly great option that delivers immense convenience, comfort, and savings of time & money,

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